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Do American Citizens Living In London Need to Pay Taxes?

Do American Citizens Living In London Need to Pay Taxes? In short, Yes! If you are an American living in London or the UK, you must file a US tax return and pay US taxes on your British income. You are subject to the same rules when it comes to income taxation as Amercians are [...]

Do Expats In The UK Have To Pay Taxes in 2022?

Expats are often required to file and pay taxes in both the US and their country of residence because you are required to file and pay US taxes on worldwide income, no matter where you live or work. By using special tax credits and exclusions for living abroad that the IRS has put in place [...]

US Tax Specialists in London

Xerxes Associates LLP is an expert team of experienced US and UK tax accountants and advisors based in London. We specialise in meeting the needs of private clients and their businesses. We offer a cost-effective tax advisory service for US citizens and residents from our London offices. Our US tax department is overseen by our [...]

U.S. Tax Accountants for UK Residents

Being an expat in the UK can be very difficult - especially when you have to deal with the U.S tax process. Working with us makes it much easier! That's why we are working hard to earn your trust. Our team works seamlessly, which means you only have to focus on what matters most - [...]

Filing a UK Tax Return With Additional Income?

HMRC issues tax return forms to individuals working in the UK. If you have other incomes such as self-employment and/or investment income, then you will need to file a tax return and pay the taxes on those additional income streams. You will also need to file a tax return if; - If you have income [...]

The Basics of the UK Tax System for US Citizens Working in the United Kingdom

The UK tax system is known as Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs or HMRC for short. HMRC operates as the Government tax collection agency for the United Kingdom. HMRC also helps regulate governmental policies such as national minimum wage and state support and welfare. Key points to remember; - The UK tax year falls between [...]

UK & US Tax Accountants & Advisers

Xerxes Associates LLP are expert specialist UK & US tax advisers based in London with over 10 years of valuable experience. As UK and US Tax Accountants, we offer a professional, responsive and personalised service to all US and UK expats. As UK & US Tax Accountants, Xerxes Associates LLP offer more than just the [...]