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A Review Of The Most Common Questions We Are Asked About US Tax Liabilities

Is it necessary to file a 1040 if my income is below the Foreign Earned Income Exemption (FEIE)? If the total income of a US citizen exceeds the standard deduction and exemption, you are required to file a US tax return. It is likely that there will be no tax due if the total income [...]

Essential Tax Advice for US Expats Living In The UK

From simple to complex situations, we work with taxpayers from all over the United States who live in London or other parts of the UK. We at Xerxes Associates LLP make the process of filing US income taxes for expats living in the UK, seamless and refreshingly simple. We have certified tax advisors who are [...]

Tax Filing Services For US Expats Living In The United Kingdom

Xerxes Associates LLP provides US expats living in the United Kingdom with a range of tax filing services to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s preparing your US tax return or advising you on UK tax implications, our London based team of dedicated tax experts understand the complexities of expat tax. Citizens and permanent residents [...]

US Expats In London & IRS Compliance

As an expat living in the UK, you might be concerned that you have not filed your US taxes. The following reasons may encourage you to make tax compliance a priority. - You must file US taxes even when earning income overseas. - If you owe US taxes, it could cause problems for your passport [...]

US & UK Tax Law Minefields

Strict US tax laws affect US expats living abroad and as a consequence employees and individuals need specialised advice from local tax experts such as Xerxes Associates LLP, to navigate US tax law minefields. Located in London, our US and UK tax advisors are ideally positioned to advise clients who are based in the UK [...]

Here are your US and UK tax responsibilities while you live and work in the UK

US tax responsibilities If you remain a citizen or permanent resident of the United States while living in the UK, then you must file an annual US tax return with the US federal government based on your worldwide income. If you have assets outside the US, you may be required to file additional informational returns. [...]

Tax Imposed On Expatriates

US residents living in the UK are in safe hands with Xerxes Associates LLP with matters related to expat taxes (tax imposed on expatriates). Our team of dual qualified US and UK tax professionals specialise in preparing individual tax returns for US and UK residents and provide bespoke personal tax advice tailored to your unique [...]

Planning For Taxes

Whether you are a US Expat already living in the UK, a US citizen looking to invest in the UK, or are a US citizen considering a new job opportunity to work in the UK, the interaction between the two countries' tax systems can be very confusing. The best way to structure your affairs in [...]

Do American Citizens Living In London Need to Pay Taxes?

Do American Citizens Living In London Need to Pay Taxes? In short, Yes! If you are an American living in London or the UK, you must file a US tax return and pay US taxes on your British income. You are subject to the same rules when it comes to income taxation as Amercians are [...]

Do Expats In The UK Have To Pay Taxes in 2022?

Expats are often required to file and pay taxes in both the US and their country of residence because you are required to file and pay US taxes on worldwide income, no matter where you live or work. By using special tax credits and exclusions for living abroad that the IRS has put in place [...]

US Tax Specialists in London

Xerxes Associates LLP is an expert team of experienced US and UK tax accountants and advisors based in London. We specialise in meeting the needs of private clients and their businesses. We offer a cost-effective tax advisory service for US citizens and residents from our London offices. Our US tax department is overseen by our [...]

U.S. Tax Accountants for UK Residents

Being an expat in the UK can be very difficult - especially when you have to deal with the U.S tax process. Working with us makes it much easier! That's why we are working hard to earn your trust. Our team works seamlessly, which means you only have to focus on what matters most - [...]