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Experienced US & UK Tax Advisers and Accountants

Xerxes Associates LLP is an expert team of experienced US and UK tax accountants and advisors based in London. We specialise in meeting the needs of private clients and their businesses. We offer a cost-effective tax advisory service for US & UK citizens and residents from our London offices. Our US tax department is overseen by our certified agents who provide a specialised service for their clients, handling their tax returns and helping them manage their U.S. taxation responsibilities.

US & UK Tax Advisors London & UK

US Federal & State Income Tax ReturnsUS Federal and State Income Tax Returns

Living and working outside of the United States as an individual or small business? You will need to file a US Federal Return, and possibly a State Tax Return, based on your individual circumstances.

UK Self Assessment Tax ReturnsUK Self Assessment Tax Returns

Our ICAEW Chartered Accountants provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the UK tax return preparation process.

Consulting and PlanningExpatriation Services

The somewhat rigid and strict tax filing rules for US persons residing overseas has led to a record number of people renouncing their US Citizenship.

Personal Tax Planning and Advice

Whether you are planning for personal, lifestyle or business changes, our bespoke team of advisors can assist you in a range of scenarios with varying complexities.

FBAR and ITIN Assistance

As an American living internationally, you may have a requirement to report any non-US accounts you are a signatory to on the Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) form.

Company and Small Business Tax

Working for yourself or operating a small business requires a separate statutory and tax filing.


At Xerxes, we cover a wide range of tax issues, planned or unforeseen. We aim to deliver a highly personalised and bespoke service.

Streamlined Filing Package

Late filing requirement? No need to worry – the team at Xerxes can assist in getting tax compliant with the IRS via the Streamlined Program for late/delinquent filers.

CFC’s, Form 5471 and GILTI

The IRS has strict rules on the reporting of US persons who own a shareholding in a Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC).

Crypto Tax

Due to the potential for large amounts of gains, cryptocurrency investments have gained the attention of both the IRS and HMRC. Both of these bodies want to ensure that all individuals are paying the correct amount of tax.

In-Depth Overview of Xerxes Associates LLP's Tax Services For US Expats

In-Depth Overview of Xerxes Associates LLP’s Tax Services For US Expats

In-Depth Overview of Xerxes Associates LLP's Tax Services For US Expats

UK & US Tax Accountants & Advisers: Xerxes Associates LLP

UK & US Tax Accountants & Advisers

UK & US Tax Accountants & Advisers: Xerxes Associates LLP