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File U.S. & U.K. Expat Taxes While Living in London & UK

Expert accountants and advisors are on hand to assist in your case. The professionals at our firm care and understand your specific needs and requirements. When you’re a US or UK expat, understanding the US tax code and UK tax processes can be challenging. The information can be confusing and difficult to understand. You can rely on Xerxes Associates LLP to help you sort through the plethora of information with clarity and ease. Our solutions range from simple to more complex and are customised to suit your needs.

Fully Responsive

Consult with an experienced
UK/US Tax Professional
throughout the process.


Simplified and transparent
information exchange.

Submission Ready

Completion of your UK/US
tax return for submission
and/or filing.

Future Planning

Continued client follow-up
with future tax planning.

Starting at £299.00

Starting at £399.00

Combined Filing
starting at £599.00

Streamlined Filing
starting at £799.00

US Joint Filing
starting at £599.00

starting at £199.00

Form 5471, CFC &
GILTI Compliance

starting at £1,499.00

Xerxes Associates LLP Clients have complete peace of mind when it comes to sharing their information. We are fully GDPR and data protection compliant. Our team is available throughout the year to assist our clients with their financial and tax needs. We are confident and experienced in dealing in all levels of tax complexities, with access to accounting expertise for both the US and UK.