US Tax Return London

US Tax Return London

Are you A US Expat Living Abroad & Haven’t Filed Your Taxes?

You might be living overseas and concerned that you haven’t filed US taxes. If you are an US expat, you might consider getting into tax compliance before it is too late. Our ‘US Tax Return London and UK’ product is a bespoke service designed to tackle any and all possibilities on your behalf. Here are some important points for you to understand about US tax returns.


  • – Filing US taxes is required even when working and earning an income overseas.
  • – Even if you earn an income overseas, you must file your US taxes.
  • – Not paying US taxes could cause problems when renewing your passport.
  • – It is impossible to predict what the US Government will do in the near future, particularly with regard to immigration.


If you use the ‘Foreign Earned Income Exclusion’ and the ‘Foreign Tax Credit’ together, you may not owe as much US tax as you think you do.

Self-employed people and people who live in countries not covered by the ‘Totalization Agreement’ may owe taxes that fund their payments to Social Security.

It is difficult to determine how many tax returns are needed to be filed in terms of previous years, however, people who file tax returns for the previous six years seemingly satisfy the IRS system. However, some people try to file less than six and the response from the IRS is not always favourable.

Here is some motivation to reach out to us and start the process; the pandemic stimulus payments will be provided to you if you file 2020 2021 returns (if you qualify). Contact us here. Xerxes Associates LLP is a leading firm of tax advisers qualified in both the United States (IRS) and the United Kingdom (HMRC) tax procedures.

There is nothing more complicated, confusing, time-consuming, or even a bit frightening than filing a tax return. With our help, Americans and Brits can understand US and UK tax easily. No matter what form you’re trying to complete, what questions you’re asking or how much tax you’re trying to save, we can help you.

Xerxes Associates LLP work closely with US and UK expats from all different backgrounds, circumstances and occupations as well as high-net worth individuals in order to help them through the complexities of US and UK tax compliance requirements (tax imposed on expatriates). If you have a query or would like a friendly no obligation chat about your requirements then please get in touch and we shall be happy to assist you.