US Tax UK, IRS 4868, and US Tax Return Due Date: Navigating US Tax Requirements for Expats in the UK

For US expatriates living in the UK, understanding the intricacies of US tax requirements can be a complex and daunting task. In this article, we will explore the crucial aspects of ‘US tax UK,’ ‘IRS 4868,’ and ‘US tax return due date,’ shedding light on the key obligations and deadlines that expats in the UK must be aware of. To help guide you through this intricate process, we turn to the expertise of Xerxes Associates LLP, a team of US and UK tax advisors.

US Tax UK: What You Need to Know

‘US tax UK’ refers to the tax obligations that US citizens living in the UK must fulfil. As a US expat, you are generally required to report your worldwide income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States, regardless of where you reside. This means you must file a US tax return, even if you are also paying taxes in the UK. Understanding the complexities of dual taxation can be challenging, which is where Xerxes Associates LLP comes into play.

IRS 4868: The Extension Option

The ‘IRS 4868’ form offers US expats a lifeline when it comes to meeting their US tax return due date. This form, officially known as the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File US Individual Income Tax Return, allows you to extend your tax return deadline by up to six months. By filing this extension, you can gain additional time to gather necessary documents and ensure accurate reporting of your income.

Key points about IRS 4868:

The extension is automatic, meaning you do not need to provide a specific reason for requesting it.

Filing for an extension using IRS 4868 does not extend the deadline for paying any taxes you may owe. You should estimate your tax liability and make a payment to avoid penalties and interest.

US Tax Return Due Date: Important Deadlines

The ‘US tax return due date’ for expats in the UK can be complex due to differences in tax years between the US and the UK. In general, the US tax return due date is April 15th for most taxpayers, but it’s important to note that this date can vary. If you are living abroad, you typically have an automatic two-month extension, making the deadline June 15th.

However, it’s crucial to remember that any tax owed to the IRS is still due by the original April 15th deadline. To get a full six-month extension, you can file IRS 4868, but ensure that you pay any estimated tax liability by the original deadline to avoid penalties and interest.

Xerxes Associates LLP: Your Trusted Tax Advisors

Navigating ‘US tax UK,’ ‘IRS 4868,’ and the ‘US tax return due date’ can be a challenging process for expats living in the UK. Xerxes Associates LLP, a team of US and UK tax advisors, specialises in providing comprehensive support and guidance to ensure that you meet your tax obligations effectively and efficiently.

Services offered by Xerxes Associates LLP:

Tax Planning: The experts at Xerxes Associates LLP can help you develop a tax-efficient strategy that considers both your US and UK tax obligations, ultimately reducing your tax liability.

US Tax Return Preparation: They can assist in preparing and filing your US tax returns, ensuring that all income sources are accurately reported and tax credits are maximised.

IRS 4868 Filing: If you need an extension to meet the ‘US tax return due date,’ Xerxes Associates LLP can assist you in filing IRS 4868 and managing your tax timeline effectively.


Understanding ‘US tax UK,’ ‘IRS 4868,’ and the ‘US tax return due date’ is essential for US expatriates residing in the UK. These obligations can be complex, but with the expertise of Xerxes Associates LLP, you can receive tailored guidance to ensure compliance with both US and UK tax laws while maximising your tax efficiency. Don’t let the complexities of international taxation overwhelm you; seek professional assistance and ensure a smooth and stress-free tax filing process.

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