Understanding FBAR Filing Deadline, US Citizen in UK Tax Obligations, the 1040 Tax Form, IRS PFIC, and US Citizen Tax Compliance: A Guide by Xerxes Associates LLP

For US citizens living in the United Kingdom, understanding and complying with US tax requirements can be a complex and often confusing task. In this article, presented by Xerxes Associates LLP, a reputable US and UK tax advisory firm, we will shed light on critical topics including the FBAR filing deadline, the tax obligations of a US citizen in the UK, the 1040 tax form, IRS PFIC rules, and the broader landscape of US citizen tax compliance.

FBAR Filing Deadline

The Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) filing deadline is a significant aspect of tax compliance for US expatriates residing in the UK.

Deadline: US citizens in the UK must file an FBAR by April 15th each year. However, there is an automatic extension until October 15th for expatriates, providing additional time to report their foreign financial accounts.

FBAR Threshold: If you have financial accounts in the UK with an aggregate value exceeding $10,000 at any point during the tax year, you are obligated to file an FBAR. This includes bank accounts, savings accounts, and other financial instruments.

US Citizen in UK Tax Obligations

As a US citizen living in the UK, it’s important to be aware of your tax obligations to remain compliant with US tax law.

Worldwide Income: US citizens are required to report their worldwide income to the IRS. This includes income earned in the UK and any other foreign income sources.

Tax Treaties: Understanding the US-UK tax treaty is essential to determine any provisions that might affect your tax liability. Some treaties offer exclusions or reductions in tax liability on specific types of income.

What Is the 1040 Tax Form?

The 1040 tax form, or the US Individual Income Tax Return, is the primary document used by US citizens to report their income to the IRS.

Reporting Income: The 1040 form is where you report your income, deductions, and tax credits. It is used to calculate your tax liability and determine if you owe additional taxes or are eligible for a refund.

Filing Deadline: The standard deadline for filing a 1040 tax return is April 15th, but expatriates living in the UK receive an automatic extension until June 15th, with the option to extend further until October 15th.


The Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) rules are a complex area of US tax law that can significantly impact US citizens living in the UK.

PFIC Definition: PFICs are foreign corporations with predominantly passive income or assets. Owning shares in a PFIC can have adverse tax consequences, including potentially higher taxes and additional reporting requirements.

Reporting Requirements: US citizens must report their ownership of PFICs on IRS Form 8621, which is filed along with their 1040 tax return. It is crucial to be aware of these rules and consult a tax advisor for guidance.

US Citizen Tax Compliance

Navigating the US tax system as a US citizen living in the UK can be challenging, but it’s essential to remain compliant.

Seek Professional Guidance: Consulting with experienced tax advisors, like Xerxes Associates LLP, can help you understand your obligations and optimise your tax situation while complying with US tax requirements.

Stay Informed: Keeping up with changing tax laws and understanding the UK-US tax treaty can help you make informed decisions about your tax strategy.


Understanding the FBAR filing deadline, the tax obligations of a US citizen in the UK, the 1040 tax form, IRS PFIC rules, and broader US citizen tax compliance is crucial for expatriates. With the expert guidance of Xerxes Associates LLP, you can navigate the complexities of US tax requirements, ensuring that you remain compliant while optimising your financial situation as a US citizen in the UK. Remember, staying informed and seeking professional advice is key to a successful tax strategy.

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