Streamlined Form, Expert Expatriate Tax Advice, and IRS Form 5471: Navigating Expatriate Taxation for US Expats in the UK

US citizens living in the United Kingdom often find themselves grappling with complex tax regulations, and staying compliant with US tax requirements can be a challenging endeavour. In this article, presented by Xerxes Associates LLP, a trusted US and UK tax advisory firm, we will explore essential topics related to expatriate taxation, including the streamlined form, expert expatriate tax advice, IRS Form 5471, and the unique considerations faced by non-resident aliens.

Streamlined Form

For US expatriates living in the UK, understanding the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures is essential for achieving tax compliance and avoiding penalties.

Eligibility: The Streamlined Procedures offer a lifeline for those who have fallen behind in their tax obligations. To qualify, expats must meet specific non-residency requirements and have failed to file their US tax returns.

Simplified Compliance: The Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures allow expats to catch up on unfiled tax returns and report their foreign bank accounts without facing steep penalties. This streamlined form facilitates compliance and ensures that they become up-to-date with their tax obligations.

Expert Expatriate Tax Advice

Navigating the intricacies of expatriate taxation requires expert guidance from professionals who understand the complexities of both US and UK tax codes.

Specialised Knowledge: Expatriate tax advisors, like Xerxes Associates LLP, possess in-depth knowledge of US and UK tax laws, allowing them to provide tailored advice that optimises tax positions and ensures compliance.

Minimising Tax Liability: Expert expatriate tax advice can identify strategies to minimise tax liabilities, taking advantage of available tax treaties, deductions, and credits.

IRS Form 5471

US expatriates living in the UK who hold interests in foreign corporations must be familiar with IRS Form 5471.

Reporting Foreign Corporations: IRS Form 5471 is used to report information about a US person’s interest in certain foreign corporations. The form has several categories, each designed to capture different aspects of foreign corporate ownership.

Complex Reporting: Filing Form 5471 can be intricate, and failure to do so can result in severe penalties. It is imperative that US expats understand their reporting obligations in this regard.

Non-Resident Aliens

US expatriates in the UK may also encounter non-resident aliens, individuals who do not hold US citizenship or green cards, but still have tax obligations in the United States.

Taxation on US Source Income: Non-resident aliens may be subject to US taxation on certain types of income sourced in the United States, such as rental income, dividends, and royalties.

Tax Treaties: Understanding the tax treaty between the UK and the US is crucial for determining which country has the primary right to tax specific types of income and for claiming any available tax credits.


Expatriate taxation, including understanding the streamlined form, seeking expert expatriate tax advice, navigating IRS Form 5471, and addressing the unique concerns of non-resident aliens, is a multifaceted and challenging area for US expats residing in the UK. With the expert guidance of Xerxes Associates LLP, you can navigate the complexities of US tax requirements, optimise your financial situation, and ensure compliance. Staying informed and seeking professional advice is the key to a successful expatriate tax strategy.

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