IRS Form 14653: An Essential Tool for US Expats in the UK – Xerxes Associates LLP’s Guidance

Understanding "IRS Form 14653" is vital for US expatriates residing in the United Kingdom. This specific form is a crucial component of complying with US tax requirements, especially for those seeking to rectify their tax situation and remain in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Xerxes Associates LLP, a respected US and UK tax advisory firm, offers expert guidance on IRS Form 14653 and how it plays a pivotal role for US expats in the UK.

Demystifying IRS Form 14653:

Purpose and Importance:

IRS Form 14653, officially known as the "Certification by U.S. Person Residing Outside of the United States for Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures," serves a significant purpose. It is utilised by US expats who are looking to rectify their tax situation and become compliant with US tax regulations, especially when they have not previously reported their foreign income or assets.

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures:

IRS Form 14653 is primarily associated with the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures, a program designed for non-willful taxpayers who have not reported their foreign financial accounts and income. This initiative allows individuals to catch up on their tax obligations without facing severe penalties.

Detailed Disclosure:

The form requires detailed disclosure of financial accounts, assets, and income that were previously unreported to the IRS. It is essential to provide accurate and comprehensive information to rectify any past non-compliance issues successfully.

How Xerxes Associates LLP Can Assist:

Xerxes Associates LLP offers invaluable assistance to US expats navigating IRS Form 14653:

Form Completion:

Our experienced team will help you accurately complete IRS Form 14653, ensuring that all necessary information is disclosed to meet IRS requirements.

Documentation Guidance:

We provide guidance on gathering and organising the documentation needed to support the information provided on the form.

Streamlined Compliance:

Xerxes Associates LLP ensures that you adhere to the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures, minimising the risk of penalties and helping you achieve compliance with US tax regulations.

Peace of Mind:

With our expert guidance, US expats can rectify their tax situation with confidence, knowing that they are on the path to compliance.


Understanding and correctly filing IRS Form 14653 is essential for US expats in the UK looking to rectify past tax non-compliance. Xerxes Associates LLP offers expert assistance to ensure that this process is carried out accurately and effectively. Trust us to provide the guidance you need to address your tax obligations and maintain good standing with the IRS while living in the United Kingdom.

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