Learn About Filing Deductions, Back Payroll Taxes IRS, IRS Form 2350 And Owing The IRS Tax

Managing US tax obligations while living as an expatriate in the UK entails understanding crucial aspects such as making payments if you owe the IRS taxes, exploring IRS tax write-offs, filing federal income taxes, comprehending passive income and its tax implications, leveraging deductions while filing taxes, addressing back payroll taxes with the IRS, and the significance of IRS Form 2350. Xerxes Associates LLP, a reputable US and UK tax advisory firm, offers valuable guidance to assist US expats in navigating these intricate tax matters.

If You Owe the IRS Taxes, Can You Make Payments:

When facing tax liabilities with the IRS, the ability to make payments is essential. Xerxes Associates LLP provides insights into payment options, instalment plans, and negotiating with the IRS, offering strategies for US expats in the UK to address their tax debts while managing their financial obligations.

IRS Tax Write-Offs:

Understanding IRS tax write-offs is crucial for minimising tax liabilities. Xerxes Associates LLP assists US expats in identifying eligible expenses and deductions, optimising tax positions, and leveraging available write-offs to reduce their taxable income in compliance with IRS regulations.

File Federal Income Taxes:

Filing federal income taxes accurately is a key responsibility for US expats abroad. Xerxes Associates LLP guides expatriates through the process, ensuring compliance with US tax laws while residing in the UK, and helping them navigate the complexities of cross-border tax obligations.

Passive Income No Tax:

Exploring the nuances of passive income and its tax treatment is important for expatriates. Xerxes Associates LLP offers insights into passive income categories, potential tax exemptions, and strategies to legally minimise tax burdens for US expats living in the UK.

Filing Deductions:

Maximising deductions while filing taxes is essential for reducing taxable income. Xerxes Associates LLP assists US expats in identifying and claiming eligible deductions, ensuring accuracy and compliance while optimising tax benefits during the filing process.

Back Payroll Taxes IRS:

Addressing back payroll taxes with the IRS requires a strategic approach. Xerxes Associates LLP provides guidance on resolving overdue payroll taxes, negotiating settlements, and navigating the process to rectify tax arrears for US expats in the UK.

IRS Form 2350:

IRS Form 2350, the Application for Extension of Time to File US Income Tax Return, is crucial for expatriates seeking additional time to file. Xerxes Associates LLP offers support in understanding the form’s requirements and assists expatriates in filing for extensions when necessary.


Managing US tax obligations as a US expatriate in the UK involves making payments to the IRS if taxes are owed, leveraging IRS tax write-offs, filing federal income taxes accurately, understanding passive income taxation, maximising deductions, addressing back payroll taxes, and utilising IRS Form 2350 when needed. With Xerxes Associates LLP’s expertise and tailored guidance, US expats can navigate these complexities, ensuring compliance with US tax laws while optimising their tax positions while residing abroad in the UK.

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