Read This If You Owe The Irs Taxes, Need Tax Write Offs And Earned Passive Income

For US expatriates calling the UK home, understanding and managing US tax obligations is vital. In this article, we will explore key topics, including the possibility of making payments if you owe the IRS taxes, navigating IRS tax write-offs, the process to file federal income taxes, considerations for passive income and tax implications, the intricacies of filing deductions, addressing back payroll taxes with the IRS, and the significance of IRS Form 2350. Xerxes Associates LLP, a distinguished US and UK tax advisory firm, provides crucial insights to guide US expats through these complex tax matters.

If You Owe the IRS Taxes, Can You Make Payments:

Owing taxes to the IRS can be a daunting situation, but Xerxes Associates LLP offers solutions. Expatriates in the UK can make payments to the IRS through various arrangements, and Xerxes Associates LLP provides expert guidance to navigate payment plans, helping to manage tax liabilities efficiently while residing abroad.

IRS Tax Write-Offs:

Understanding IRS tax write-offs is essential for optimising tax positions. Xerxes Associates LLP assists US expats in the UK in identifying eligible expenses and deductions, ensuring they make the most of available write-offs while staying compliant with US tax regulations.

File Federal Income Taxes:

Filing federal income taxes is a yearly responsibility for US expatriates. Xerxes Associates LLP streamlines this process, guiding expats in the UK through the intricacies of tax filing, ensuring accurate reporting, and compliance with US tax laws.

Passive Income: No Tax:

Passive income can have unique tax implications. Xerxes Associates LLP provides insights into structuring investments and income streams for US expats in the UK, helping minimise tax liabilities on passive income within the bounds of tax regulations.

Filing Deductions:

Filing deductions is a crucial aspect of optimising tax returns. Xerxes Associates LLP aids expatriates in understanding eligible deductions, including those specific to US citizens living abroad, ensuring accurate and efficient deduction filing.

Back Payroll Taxes with the IRS:

Addressing back payroll taxes with the IRS is a priority to avoid potential penalties. Xerxes Associates LLP assists US expats in resolving issues related to overdue payroll taxes, offering expert guidance to bring payroll tax matters up to date.

IRS Form 2350:

IRS Form 2350, the Application for Extension of Time to File U.S. Income Tax Return, is valuable for expatriates. Xerxes Associates LLP provides support in navigating the complexities of this form, ensuring US expats in the UK meet their tax obligations while benefiting from the extension provided by Form 2350.


US expatriates in the UK can confidently manage their US tax responsibilities with the expertise of Xerxes Associates LLP. Whether addressing owed taxes, maximising tax write-offs, filing federal income taxes, understanding passive income implications, managing deductions, resolving back payroll taxes, or utilising IRS Form 2350, Xerxes Associates LLP provides tailored guidance and support, ensuring compliance with US tax laws and optimising financial positions for expats in the UK.

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